Before You Arrive

  • Arrive during the first hour.
  • We provide condoms and lube.
  • Poppers are allowed. Feel free to bring them.
  • Illegal drugs are not permitted at the party.
  • We do not serve alcohol and do not permit you to BYOB (sorry).
  • Please clean up / shower before you arrive. If you're into bottoming, clean down / up there too. There are no showers; however, bathrooms are stocked with mouthwash, soap and plenty of paper towels or washcloths.

Checking In

  • Clothes check is required to enter. Keep your shoes and socks on.
  • BAGS ARE NOT ALLOWED INSIDE THE PLAY SPACE. It doesn't matter if they're very small, you must keep anything you need with you such as your own brand of lube, condoms or poppers in your sock or in your hand.
  • You'll put your clothes on a hanger. We don't use plastic trash bags at this party, but you're welcome to bring your own.
  • The clothes check room is attended by the staff throughout the party. You should put your wallet, keys, cell phone, etc. in your pockets or bag before we hang your items, just as you would at a normal coat check. If you have a specific concern, ask us.
  • You must check any electronic devices capable of taking pictures or video. Photography is strictly forbidden at all times.

At the Party

  • Overly aggressive behavior towards one or more individuals ruins the party for other members and will not be tolerated. Alert the host if anyone is bothering you.
  • Please be careful not to pile onto another couple or group unless they seem interested in having you join them or are giving signals that they're interested.
  • Water sports are not allowed.
  • Soft drinks and water are complimentary.
  • Please be respectful of other guests and see one of the hosts if you have concerns.

COVID-19 Requirements

  • Vaccinations are required.